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Recruitment Procedure  
Power of Attorney (POA) and demand letters (DL) are usually issued by the employer / principal in favor of the recruiting agency. Sadman International. duly endorsed/attested by the Ministry concerned in that country and by the Bangladesh Embassy there. On receipt of POA and D/L, FTI completes initial selection and recruitment and obtains permission from our respective government department, namely Bureau of Manpower Employment Training.

After obtaining permission, we pass through various stages where our office staff do their respective jobs step by step, section wise. It is all a team work and the process continues until final dispatch.

After receiving the stamped visas from the embassy concerned. We immediately make travel arrangement.

Travel arrangement:

Care is taken to dispatch every worker to the job site by the first available flight keeping in view the clients urgency.

  1. The flight officer who is in charge of booking and ticketing makes all such arrangements with the Airlines Office.
  2. The Overseas client is contacted and given all information regarding the flight.
  3. The workers are clearly briefed at a pre-departure orientation seminar where attendance is compulsory. They are given all the information and warnings from A to Z.
  4. We arrange a pre-reporting of all the dispatchable workers one day before the flight.
  5. The workers on the scheduled flight day are taken to the airport by the flight officer and his assistants who look after all the airport formalities until the plane takes off.
Required Documents for the Processing and Deployment of Workers:
  1. A deed of agreement signed between the Employer/Principal and the recruiting agency Sadman International with necessary terms and conditions favorable to both the parties. This deed is necessary for Recruiting and Clearance Permission by the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Traning, Govt, of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
  2. Power of Attorney (POA) typewritten on the letterhead of the employer,which states that their company is appointing our company as their agency in Bangladesh for their manpower requirements.
  3. A consular letter enabling us to stamp and withdraw visas from the concerned Embassy in Dhaka.
  4. Job Order or Demand letter (D/L) using the employer’s official letter head, describing the number and type of workers they require with their corresponding salaries based on BMET standard..
  5. "Workers Employemnt Contract Forms" of the company.
  6. "Photocopy" of the Employer company's "Commercial Registration" or "Business Registration".
  7. One(1) photocopy of the passport or any identification card of the authorized representative of the employer's company.

Note: Document Nos 2.3 and 4 Must be "Certified" or authenticated by the concerned ministry.


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